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Electronics Computing

I'm a 2nd-year Computer Engineering student at the University of British Columbia. I have a passion for robotics and enjoy working on various projects. This website serves as a portfolio showcasing some of my work. Be sure to check them out!

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Big Projects

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Work Experiences

1 Year

IT ConsultantBank of Montreal - CGI/TechSys

  • Assisted bank employees with group policy permissions, software and VDI technical issues.
  • 5 mos.

    Technical Support AgentSkytech Global

  • Provided phone and TeamViewer technical support to end-users.
  • Created a Python application and scripts to automate recurring tasks like parcel tracking, customized client emails, and auto-filling database forms. see more.

  • Engineering design team


    Software SubteamUBC-Thunderbots

  • Enhanced my dev skills with GitHub code reviews, Git, and Linux version control.
  • Collaborated on Pybind tickets integrating C++ and python for seamless variable retrieval in UI.
  • Activities


    Big Projects

  • BiliardBot: AI-driven pool-playing robot.
  • CoilGun: 384V Multi-stage Coilgun.
  • Xylophone: Automated xylophone player.
  • Lighboard: CS Tutorial Board.
  • 2021

    Python app for my job

    Created Python software to streamline repetitive tasks in my workplace see more.



  • McGill: Canada Welcomes.
  • uOttawa Hacks: Better delivery.
  • Volunteer


    Computer Science coursesProjects

    Built lightboard, created educational CS videos for Moroccan youth.


    Robotic clubFABLAB

    Helped in technical coaching more specifically with arduino and sensors.

    Programming experience

    University courses + projects

    Competitive programming + projects.

    University course + projects

    Built some websites such as this one.


    Learning OpenCV for my BilliardBot project

    Studying Assembly and ARM64 for my courses.

    Courses & Certificates

    Introduction Machine Learning

    Andrew Ng introduction to machine learning on coursera certificate:

    Introduction to Computer Science

    Harvard's CS50 at edX: Covers CS basics, from C and algorithms/Data Structures to modern languages and databases.


    +1 (438) 878-0603

    Rachad El Moutaouaffiq